What is Expensify?Expensify

In the words of the company, it makes expense reports that don’t suck. Expensify is simply the best and easiest application for creating and submitting expenses.  This is a piece of tech that’s not by any means limited to PR, anyone could use it. It auto converts from different currencies and you can even use it to request to have your expenses paid in Bitcoins.

What we use it for
To report, claim, approve and pay staff expenses. It scans and reads receipts and it can be fully integrated with many leading accounting software packages.

Five great things about…Expensify.

1. SmartScanning. SmartScan inputs the receipt information, then matches the receipt to the expense, eliminating the need to do manual entries.  It’s a huge timesaver.

2. Mobile.  It has fully functioning mobile versions. You can photograph receipts on the go, and create and submit expense reports from your phone (Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows).

3. Approvals – You can confirm submission, approve and pay from within the app and generate automatic emails as you do. It’s equally good for staff, managers and the finance team.

4. Best bit?  Time saved…you don’t have to key in as much with Expensify. You can input bank and credit card data as well as smartscanning.  It really is an expense app for the 21st century.

5. Recommendation? Absolutely, we recommend using the platform whether you work in PR or not.

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