Last night, Rule 5 had an exclusive opportunity to attend the BBC Future Media Event at Quay House, getting a sneak peek at some of the exciting technologies coming out of the Connected Studio and R&D departments . Also at the event were the record-breaking Digital Sports team, CBeebies and CBBC, Connected Red Button and iPlayer talking through their existing products and how they’re future-proofing developments to enhance viewers’ experience. There was a lot to see and learn, so for those who didn’t score an invite, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite insights from the night in a two-part blog.

Perceptive media: The variable digital landscape

As a comms agency, we were there to glean an insight into how we might utilise developments in our constantly evolving outreach strategies, but it’s not that clear cut. How do you keep up with the Meta Data technology that created ‘Perceptive Media’ – adapting the viewing experience in line with your social cues to ensure that broadcasts are tailor-made to each individual? Got a PHD and find Patrick Cox patronising? No fear, your TV knows your academic credentials and will personalise the documentary to match your level of intellect. Horror film getting a little too much? Perceptive Media will adjust the intensity of your fright-fest accordingly.  The team are still a way off from making something like this mainstream but you can get a glimpse of the future of viewing here .

Good communicators know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to their strategies. PRs accept that blogger outreach isn’t a case of a cut-and-paste press release (or we at least hope most do) and that broadcasters want something more bespoke, more in-depth than your average sell-in. On the door-stop of the BBC, we know the importance of getting face-to-face with journalists and brainstorming ideas together, but what of these developing technologies? The BBC Future Media showed us the scale of investment in driving research forward to bring us the best possible user experience for each of us. Communicators need to ensure they keep on top with these developments in order to deliver ground-breaking, effective campaigns that are still relevant in line with the constantly evolving digital landscape.

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