Rule 5 Five Minutes header new

It’s five months since we set up Rule 5 in MediaCityUK.   To mark the occasion we are about to launch a new bulletin called ‘Five Minutes’.  It will land in email in-boxes every five weeks. You can probably see a theme emerging here.

We know that you won’t want to be bombarded with our agency news.  That’s why Five Minutes will be short and contain three important, current media or communications stories in brief.  If you decide to scroll down there will be two stories from us.  That makes five short stories in total.  The intention is that it will alert you to news items that might catch your interest which you can digest in just five minutes.

We hope that you’ll find it interesting and that it will be regular but relatively infrequent so it won’t clog up your in-box.  If you want to receive it you can subscribe here.

Any feedback at any time would be warmly welcomed.

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