PassleWhat is Passle?

It’s a sharing and posting platform aimed at business. Passle allows you to capture interesting content, comment with your point of view, and add context. It allow ideas and web content to be brought together quickly and easily.

What we use it for
We use it to capture and share online media coverage that we generate for our clients.  Think of it as a web based cuttings book.

5 great things about…Passle.

1. Gather, collaborate, showcase – Passle’s strapline and what it does in a nutshell. Created to make light work of corporate blogging, the web-based platform allows you to montage and showcase content from across the net in one, easy-to-share place.

2. Visually strong – every PR knows the aesthetic nightmare of trying to make online coverage look good. Passle provides a virtual coverage book for all digital pieces. It’s easy to share, easy to customise and a great way to showcase results.

3. Social integration – What’s more, Passle’s innovative social media integration function allows you to grab Twitter chatter around your coverage. Helpfully showcasing further results and reach to clients.

4. Best bit? Time saved…gone are the days of spraymounted coverage books. Passle helps cut time on creating slide after slide of messy-looking screengrabs.

5. Recommendation? We definitely recommend using the platform if you need a way to showcase high volumes of online cuttings. Take a look at our client, Raw Cut’s, Passle page in action here.

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