photo (7)Since we set up the agency in November 2012 we have actively sought to use the best of the ever-increasing range of technologies. Applications that impact on every aspect of how PR agencies now work.  This week marks the start of a new regular blog feature where we share insight into the applications and latest tech innovations that the Rule 5 team is using.

These technologies have improved every aspect  of how we deliver a service: from the tools that we use to creat content, sharing amongst the team, uploading and issuing to the media, right through to how we evaluate and optimise our work. We will make the guides easy to digest, picking out our top five observations and recommendations based on our experiences. Over time we will build a contemporary guide to the vast range of technologies that help us to do everything better.

Why would we share this when it enables other agencies to gain insight?  There are several reasons:

1. We are happy for other agencies to learn and improve because we want to be part of a movement that elevates the practise and delivery of PR.

2. Technology is constantly evolving and we are confident that Rule 5 will remain an early adopter and innovator.

3. We want everyone including prospects and staff to understand more about how we work.

For our inaugural feature we focus on business blogging platform, Passle.

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