What is Dropbox Pro?Dropbox reflect

Dropbox Pro is a cloud based file sharing and storage system and it’s fair to say that it transformed our business when we signed up at the start of 2014. You can sync files and folders across all of your devices. The starter level for storage is 5TB so easily enough for most small ro medium-sized businesses. All your data is transferred securely using SSL and stored using 256-bit encryption.

What we use it for

We use it as our agency file server and store all of our files and data on it.  We have a legacy file server in the office but it just contains files and data from pre-2014.

5 great things about…Dropbox.

1. Access and collaboration – When we opened an office in London we needed to be able to access our server from both locations. The firewall in our office meant that we could allow remote access to the office based server. Dropbox feels exactly like a local based server when we use it via the Windows File Explorer, Office or any other programmes.

2. Access from home and on the move – The point about Dropbox Pro is that once you have set up a PC, laptop or phone with you secure account it’s just like being in the office wherever you are.

3. Security – One of the concerns about the cloud is that it isn’t secure.  The opposite is true. Our old server has a back up disk but when one disk fails you have a real risk whilst you replace it. You then need to wipe the old disk. Neither is necessary with cloud based storage.

4. Best bit – There isn’t just one.  There’s a nice feature where you get a pop up every time someone saves a file so you can see what colleagues have saved but in reality it’s probably the seamless way it integrates across platforms and locations. 

5. Recommendation? It’s not the cheapest of applications in our PR stack but we would recommend it without hesitation.

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