2013, The Old and The New

New Year

The phrase ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is one commonly associated with the start of a New Year.

This year’s biggest trend predictions aren’t all about the ‘future forward’ however.  As The Trend Hunter 2013 Forecast reports, brands looking to innovate will embrace the past as well as the future.

Continuing the fashion for retro design, the organisation predicts “antiqued imagery” akin to the Polaroid finish of yesteryear will be the big advertising influence.  Consumers, too, are embracing the “deliberate vintage” effect thanks to the growing number of photography apps such as the market leader, Instagram.

Further drawing on the past, brands will look to engage consumers with a trip down memory lane, developing products and experiences with a strong focus on nostalgia.

In sharp contrast the digital revolution will continue to drive advancements in retail.

Enhancing the shopper experience and achieving competitor stand out is the name of the game with virtual fitting rooms and augmented reality store greeters just a couple of the applications making their way in store.

And in today’s time precious world, convenience is the key to unlocking the potential for growth.

Watches that enable the wearer to socially connect, work as a credit card, game and tell the time aren’t a thing of the future, they’re here and now.  Apple, it is rumoured, is working with Intel on a smart watch that could go on sale in the first half of 2013.

And consumers needn’t worry about finding the time to plan a repeat shopping trip. The subscription model so successfully adopted by publishers will, The Trend Hunter predicts, continue to break into the wider consumer market in 2013 with fashion, interior and intimates stores realising the opportunity of ‘subscribed purchases.’

Proving to be an ever popular and increasing trend for 2013 is the roll out of modular restaurants and retail stores.  Satisfying consumer demand for new and fresh retail experiences whilst continuing to transform empty units and brighten the UK High Street, this is one trend we’re pleased to see remain in fashion.

The Trend Hunter compiles the latest in cutting edge fashion, interior, lifestyle and brand ideas.  For further information on this year’s top 20 forecasted trends visit http://www.trendhunter.com/tv/trends-in-2013-forecast-video