PR Firm to Launch in Manchester this Week

On Friday ‘Rule 5’ will be Manchester’s (and the UK’s) newest public relations firm.  We have an office in MediaCityUK  and the infrastructure is all in place.  Manchester is a great city to be in right now.  A new study by Oxford Economics estimates that the region will see output growth of 3% by 2014, nearly 1% higher than the UK as a whole.  Media city also has a unique concentration of media and creative talent.  Needless to say we are excited.

We’ve been active on Twitter for a few weeks now and there are three questions that regularly come up:

1. Where will you be based?   –  We’ve answered that.

2. Will you be hiring?  – We will.  We are a small team but we’ll be announcing recruitment plans imminently.

3. Why are you called ‘Rule 5’ – We’re not going to give a straight answer to that but  there are five options.

Roll on Friday.

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