Bringing Down the Boundaries: An Editorial First

ELLE-LOGO-black Rule-5

Speak to anyone in the communications industry and they’ll tell you that the media landscape is changing.

The way in which we consume news has evolved; fact.

One of the most significant recent developments in the consumer magazine sector is the launch of this month’s new-look Elle magazine format.

In a move that sees the barriers between print and digital media banished, a philosophy we at Rule 5 champion; Elle Editor in Chief, Lorraine Candy, has introduced what she says is “the first editorial team trained to personally produce exclusive content for both the website,, and the glossy magazine.“

The aim?  To be a part of readers’ lives on more than just a monthly basis.

In so many cases, the merging of online and offline editorial teams is about one thing – cutting costs.   This, from an observer’s stance, doesn’t appear to be the case at Elle however.  The bridging of the gap between digital and print content isn’t just taking place behind the scenes of the acclaimed title, it’s evident in the copy too.

From the demise of the traditional readers’ letter page to the introduction of a replacement ‘Tweet, email, reply’ feature; editorial headlines encouraging readers to ’see it, love it , shop it and share it’ and a noticeably increased and highlighted number of references to the publication’s digital and social media platforms throughout the magazine,  the new-look format is certainly making all of the right moves to satisfy the demands of the modern day reader.

How many will, of course, down their weekly magazines in favour of an interim online fix remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting move from the style bible in its on-going fight against the weekly competition and in capturing the attention of the on-line media advocate.